It’s been awhile

I haven’t blogged in years, that is, if tweeting doesn’t count as blogging – which it doesn’t.

I’m a rather opinionated guy (read: insufferable), and often these 140 and 256 character limits don’t quite give me the latitude to truly convey my banality to the world.

I do apologize in advance for the rather poor grammar you will undoubtedly find herein. I pretty much just throw in random commas, dashes and semi-colons​ wherever I fancy.

​In reality I don’t expect many to read this, but thats not really the point as I see it.​

The Why #

Tasha and I cleaned up the basement awhile back and I came across a ton of old letters, pictures and school work. Predictably I spent more time riffling through all of it then I did cleaning – I can go from zero to nostalgic faster then most.

I love reading all the things we wrote back then; back when we knew everything and the world was a much smaller and simpler place. In that moment you can teleport back and become your old self. Sometimes its shocking, sometimes its familiar, but regardless it leaves a lasting impression and the unique opportunity to observe how much you have changed or have remained the same.

And it occurs to me as I write this, that those things don’t really make me reflect. They are short and to the point – much easier to do, but also, much less to look back on.

So I’m rebooting this blog to record parts of myself, to help me reflect on, and slow down, what was become a very busy life. So that one day I can look back and remember how much smaller and simpler a place the world used to be.


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