Yesterday was my one month anniversary here at Wattpad. It definitely feels like its been much longer – things move incredibly quick here (we deploy to production a dozen times a day, for instance). The energy in the office is almost palatable – like bottled potential that is due to go off at any moment.

We have been, and are, hiring like crazy, every week there are new, exciting people to meet. The best way to describe this place is to say, it feels like something big is about to happen.

A couple of weeks ago the entire Wattpad crew gathered at Ocho for our annual write-a-thon. Every employee spent time doing what millions of Wattpad users do everyday, write stories. You can find all of our stories here.

This week I have been working on an embedable story widget. So I thought it would be neat to share both my technical and creative works together, so without further ado .


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